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In 2008, Viktor Paljusaj started the 24th Street Tavern in historic Oxford. Since Then, he’s opened 9 very sucessful restaurants in a number of communities throughout Southeast Michigan.

His focus with each new location is offering exceptional service, a friendly atmosphere and fantastic food.

We truly understand loyalty of our customers is what keeps the American tavern alive. This is the single most important thing that sets The Old Detroit Burger Bar – Troy apart from others. Our dedication to our customers allows us to provide a gathering place for all people.

Doctors, lawyers, contractors, students, plumbers and even politicians gather together under one roof to unwind from a hard days work. The word “regulars” is the lifeblood of this tavern. We take pride in knowing what you drink when you walk in the front door and always offering a stool at the bar for a new customer.

Your Town – Your Team – Your Tavern


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